Thursday, April 25, 2013

Route 66 Pillows

Do you ever feel like some weeks are more than 7 days long?  It's that kind of week for me.  Not bad, just slow.  That being said, I can't believe it's almost May already!  How can a week be so slow but a month go so fast?  Must be an astrological mishap or something.  With May inching ever near I am ready for summer, yes summer to come out and play!  I think back to summers past and all the fun I have had.  This includes my BEST VACATION EVER- the summer of 2011.

That summer, my then boyfriend (now husband!) and I traveled along our beloved Historical Route 66.  We drove the whole thing, followed hand written maps and stopped at all the sites and most of the little mom and pop restaurants.  It was incredible.  If you ever have the time I highly suggest this trip (ask me for my input and I'll tell you places not to miss!).  It doesn't hurt that in the middle of this trip we stopped at the Grand Canyon (amazing), hiked the whole thing (life changing) and oh yea, Tyler asked me to marry him.  Not too shabby of a trip.

Since then I have been obsessed with everything Route 66.  It's history and nostalgia all rolled up into one amazing road.  I can't get enough of it.  Because of that, I have decided to theme our guest bedroom in the "Route 66" theme.  I have grand plans for this room but am slow to make it happen.  I did however, make the first steps towards it this week:

I made two different styles to decide which one I like better.  I still can't decide.  On the one hand I LOVE burlap, on the other- is the burlap too much?

These were easy to make, I just used a vinyl stencil and acrylic paint (just like my shirt making that I'm currently addicted to!)

My paint smeared a little on the burlap pillow because I accidentally peeled the wrong part of the vinyl off and then proceeded to ball up the rest.  Once I realized I needed all of that, I was left piecing together crumpled up pieces.  To say the least, the vinyl edges weren't a perfectly tight seal.  You live you learn.

Just make sure that you make the words and outline the "negative space"

I sort of think the orange vinyl has a rustic look to it when it is covered in brown paint.  This could have been the pillow design!

Let the paint dry, peel off the vinyl and sew up your pillow (I actually tried a no-sew technique I found on Pinterest but I didn't like it as well.  I will probably be taking these apart and sewing them back up soon).  Voila!  Route 66 pillows!

Are you wondering why I chose New Mexico and Arizona?  Well...I LOVE New Mexico.  I think it is the most beautiful state in the US and I fell in love with it on this trip.  As for Arizona, that is where Tyler proposed.  I can't leave that out!  It is in close running for beauty too.

So which pillow do you like better?  Burlap style...

or tea stained style?  (This may need to be done a few more times, I like the darker look it had before it dried even better)

{During the tea staining process.  I wish this darker color had stayed}

Cast your vote for favorite because I would love to hear what you think!  And remember- if you're looking for an awesome family trip or a life changing trip for two, consider driving Historic Route 66.  You will meet the nicest people and see the neatest things.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann