Friday, September 28, 2018

Pumpkin Decorating Activity

As is often the case, I try to keep these posts short and sweet and then take 20 photos during the process. Why? Just call me photo-addicted I guess! Aaaaanywho- today I wanted to encourage a little messy play with you and your littles (kids, nieces, nephews, neighbor friend, classroom, etc) or to do yourself!

[Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to products I suggest using for this project. If you choose to purchase anything through these links, I earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. This helps me fund future blog posts, so thank you.]

There are so many beautiful pumpkin DIYS out there, from using paper & mod podge, to washi tape, to classic painting in a whole new grownup way:

{source: ReadyCartInstagram}

{source: Pinterest}

{source: Pinterest}

These are all amazing but right now, we like to focus a bit more on the creative process than having the house decorated with perfect pumpkins. (although as a mama, you know I think their pumpkins are perfect too!) 

Here's what you'll need:

- Pumpkins for everyone (we used pie pumpkins for that medium size) You can also buy assorted packages of artificial pumpkins on Amazon if you'd like to keep them forever.

- Paint. Lots of paint. We use acrylic paint like it's going out of style in our house!  I also found that my kids (especially 18 month old) really favored using the scribbles paint writers so that would be a good option for making fine-details or for little ones!

- Other small accessories like beads (those aren't the ones we used but I just found them and OMG animal shapes!), googly eyes, small strips and pieces of fabric and glitter. You may also add ribbon or trim around the stem if you'd like!

- Hot glue gun. (and adult supervision!) The heavier beads wont stick to the paint itself so you'll need to attach them with hot glue and have your littles point to where they want their bead.

Spread everything out on a table (Don't forget to cover with newspaper or magazine pages!) and let the fun begin!  My son had a blast with the glitter and writer pens (this isn't even what his finished pumpkin looked like. It's 3 layers deep!) and my daughter did a little pumpkin decorating and then moved onto decorating the magazine pages instead.

(It still dried in less than 24 hours! I couldn't believe it.) 

(I also love how my son looks like he's doing a magic trick or is a fine culinary chef back there)

It's all about having fun so don't push them any direction and just let them explore the textures and give them the chance to practice their creativity. Today's world seems to struggle with letting kids do that sometimes.

Most importantly, have fun! We aren't trying to win any pinterest competitions here, we're trying to raise confident, capable children #amiright?

Oh... and maybe take off your rings before you start. I didn't even make a pumpkin but I got a lot of paint and glitter on my very special rings.  Oops (don't worry, I got it all off!)

Here's a look at their finished pumpkins. My son made a man (the yellow is his mustache) with glitter hair and my daughter went for the more understated simple design.  If that doesn't describe their personalities, I don't know what does! It's funny how things like that happen.

Can I let you in on a secret? The kids (especially my daughter) are SO PROUD of their pumpkins. Showing them off to everyone and pointing them out every time we walk past.  Trust me... it's definitely worth the mess!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Building a Craft Community

This week's post will be short and sweet but I'd love for y'all to join in the fun with me!  You may have heard me mention before that I run a sort of crafty community page on facebook, a place where anyone can come and get inspired, learn tips and tricks and even share your own projects (and it's a closed group so if you're making something for a facebook friend, you wont ruin the surprise unless they are in the group too!)

It's pretty fun. I've actually been away from it for a little while now during a personal absence from facebook and I miss it like crazy. Since I'm coming back this week, I thought I'd also share it with all you sweets that read my blog so that you can come join the fun too! Although I technically "run" the page, anyone can post their projects in progress, completed projects, or even any questions, comments or input you want from the community. It's not my page, it's our page. Basically our only rules are be kind to each other and no pushy direct sales stuff. Nope.. that wont be tolerated. But if you're making something crafty for your business and you're proud of it, feel free to share. It's all about the DIY.

What are you waiting for? JOIN OUR GROUP NOW. It's fun (and of course free- it's just a facebook group!) and it's all about inspiring others and getting inspired ourselves! We all get to know each other a little along the way too so it's nice to have that community as well ;)

Crafts & Coffee Support Group