Thursday, November 29, 2012

Glitter Jars for the Holidays

Hello friends.  I cannot express how happy I am to be here sharing this post with you today; not because of the post itself (although I think you're going to like it) but because I am finally over this terrible flu that I had.  Unless I could have crafted and typed curled up in the fetal position it wasn't going to happen.  Anyways, enough of that- onto the good stuff: today's craft.

Whether hosting a holiday party (this works for Christmas, New Years, anything) or giving gifts to the neighbors (a first for us this year), this craft will surely fit your schedule, budget and plans:

All you do to make these is cover a mason jar in paint (I used white) and then cover in glitter, tapping off the excess.  That's it!  If your glitter is still really loose, cover it with a sealer so that it does not get everywhere (and boy, does glitter get EVERYWHERE).

As you can see from the picture on the left, this would make a totally cute holiday drinking cup; just add a festive straw and you are good to go!

As for the picture on the right, fill the jar with baked goodies like candy, chocolate covered pretzels or cookies, add a lid, gift tag and bow (love that contrasting red) and head on over to your friend or neighbor's house for a gift they wont be forgetting.

{Your Turn}
Do you have any other uses for these glittered jars? What colors would you make them in?

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Set of Reindeer Ornaments

I have said it before and I will say it again:  I love Christmastime.  I love all the classic Christmas movies, all the classic Christmas songs and my goodness how I love Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Today I want to share with you all a fun little Christmas craft that is sure to please any Rudolph fan out there... or just anyone who loves the season as much as I do.

It is a set of NINE ornaments.  Eight have regular little deer on them (aren't they precious when they still look young?) and one is Rudolph.  What a fun game it could be to place these all on the tree and then have others try to find Rudolph!

All you need are 9 blank ceramic ornaments, some blue paint and vinyl cutouts!  Just let the paint dry and attach the vinyl- simple as that.

For the reindeer shape I used "patterned baby deer" from the Silhouette store made by Alaa' K.  I love this shape.  If you want to see it being used on a pair of winter gloves, check out this post.  For the red nose, I just punched a circle out of red vinyl.

{Your Turn}
Do you think you would make these ornaments? Any other design that you would rather have on them? Share your thoughts & comments... I would love to hear them!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann 

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Easy DIY Sign

Hello!  I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We went to my husband's side of the family yesterday and today we are heading to mine.  That being said, I will make the chit-chat brief!  I made this sign to hang up during the holidays.  Right now it is sitting on a stand, but as soon as I figure out where to hang it, I will drill two holes in the top and attach a cute Christmas ribbon.

It's easy to do and can be completed in less than 20 minutes (including drying time!)


You only need a few things. 
{1} An unfinished wood sign.  These can be found at most any craft store or online.
{2} The vinyl design on your choice.  The kissing couple in the middle is from the Silhouette store.  The man in the picture is kissing her on the forehead.  I just found this so sweet that I had to have it!
{3} Paint

{How to Make it}
{1} Paint the wood, let it dry.
{2} Cut on design in vinyl, attach to wood.

(optional) {3} Apply Mod Podge to the edges and sprinkle with Diamond Dust. (This WAS done on mine. I think it looks really pretty but it's up to you.)
(optional) {4} Cut holes in the top and string some ribbon through it to hang.

{Your Turn!}
Isn't that easy? You can make these for any occasion or design. I just LOVE that red color (it's called "Santa Red"- perfect huh?) and the sweet mistletoe message. Perfect for my Christmas decor!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann  

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Because I respect family time, there will be no post today.  But- it will be up tomorrow (Friday).  Now please, log off the computer and spend some time with those who mean the most to you... and don't forget to tell them how grateful you are for them.  Oh, and don't forget to watch the Macy's Day Parade (love it).  Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving.

God Bless you all.
Kelsie Ann

Monday, November 19, 2012

"Silver & Gold" Easy DIY Glitter Sticks

(You hear music playing and the sound of a familiar song...) "...silver and gold, silver and gold, means so much more when I see, silver and gold decorations, on every Christmas tree."  I don't know about you but I absolutely love this song.  It has such a beautiful melody and hearing it just makes me full of Christmas spirit.

Okay, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet and I swear I am holding off on the Christmas stuff but this song has been in my head lately.  I figured that I might as well put this Christmas spirit to good use and show you all how to make really easy and really quick Christmas decorations.

Everyone has seen how to add glitter to those plastic animals (adorable, right?) or those glass Christmas ball ornaments, so I didn't go that route.  Instead, I wanted to show you a cheap and easy way to make glittered sticks which you can use for table decoration, place settings or (my favorite) gift wrapping!  I didn't have any gifts wrapped around here so I left that picture out, but I can only imagine the possibilities!

These look just as cute as the glittered sticks at the store, but are much cheaper!  Plus, you can make them any size you choose.

{How to Make it}
Grab an old newspaper and cut it into strips about 2 inches wide. Then, cut each strip into smaller pieces in whatever size you so choose. I made mini-sticks but you could do large ones for vases too.

Next, take a toothpick or other small stick and roll up each piece.  Make sure to let the toothpick stick out one end a little bit or you wont be able to get it out when it is rolled up.  If the toothpick stays in there, it wont hurt anything.  It will actually make it more heavy duty!

Tape the ends so that they don't unravel.

Lastly, dip the sticks into Mod Podge and cover in glitter.  If the bottom side sticks to the newspaper, it is no big deal, just re-cover it with Mod Podge once the top side is dry and glitter away!

{Your Turn}
How would you decorate with these?  Would you stick with Silver & Gold or throw in some other colors?

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Make Your Own Charm Bracelet (Using Buttons!)

Happy Thursday!  I don't know about you, but I love jewelry.  Not so much the expensive, wear all the time kind of jewelry (except my wedding rings of course)  but all of the fun jewelry that can be swapped out daily for different looks.  I have everything from vintage beads to a 3 inch roadrunner necklace (really).  I even have a replica of the "Heart of the Ocean" from Titanic, which I actually do wear out sometimes.

Although there is something to be said about running across a piece of jewelry that you love and never would have dreamed of making (i.e. roadrunner necklace), making your own jewelry can be a quick and easy way to create the exact piece that you desire.  So, today I will show you how to make a charm bracelet.  The best part?  You can use BUTTONS; no need to buy a slew of expensive charms from the store.

It is so easy, we wont need a full tutorial.  Let me just tell you a few things:


{1} Variety of charms, buttons, beads, etc.  I had a package of small charms (the ones hanging in the picture) that I used in between the bigger pieces.  Buying a pack of these might come in handy.  All the other pieces are vintage looking buttons that I already owned.

{2} Jump Rings.  A pack of these from the store will last you through several bracelets.

{3} Cable Chain.  I think that is what it is called.  Any chain that fits around your wrist and can be hooked to the jump rings will work.

{How to Make it}
Simply attach each charm piece to the bracelet by using the jump ring. I laid out the order I wanted the charms to be in before I began.

Wow... I feel like I should say more, but it is really that easy.  Open the jump rings using pliers or any similar tool, or if you're a toughie- open them with your fingers.

That is really all there is to it.  Now go off and make your own!

{Your Turn}
What sort of charms would you put on your bracelet? I went with a sort of vintage look, using mostly gold, silver, and bronze tones. See the little elephant at the bottom? That was my special touch (it is my favorite animal). You could make these for yourself, friends, even children. There are buttons and beads in a variety of themes that are bound to fit any request. Enjoy picking out your own charms and creating a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Glitter & Frost Snowman Decor {Tutorial}

I love wintertime.  I hate the cold- but I love wintertime.  It is all the magic in the air and the snow falling gently to the ground.  It is being snuggled up in warm scarves and cozy blankets.  It is building snowmen.  In the spirit of this beautiful season, I wanted to get an early start on that whole "building snowmen" part of it.  So, here is what I came up with:

I actually came up with this idea after we had frost one night.  Our patio furniture was still out and the glass top table was covered in frost.  As I walked past it, I drew a picture with my nail (we're really all children inside, aren't we?) cutting away the frost on top.  What I found was so neat:  the sparkling frost that covered the bottom of the table was showing through my design, creating this dimensional look that you see here.  That look was just beautiful and easy to recreate too; let me show you how:

{What You Will Need}

Gather the materials listed above as well your vinyl pieces (3 circles to fit these blocks).  For the wood/glass pieces, I used the sizing as follows:
(Bottom) 3.5 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall
(Middle) 3.5 inches wide x 2 inches tall
(Top) 3.5 inches wide x 1.6 inches tall

If you will be cutting the wood and glass yourself, you will also need a saw and a glass cutter.  If not, your local glass store would be happy to make a few small pieces for you OR check your local craft store for pre-made sizes.

{Step One: Paint & Etch}

Paint each block with a couple coats of white paint.  Since it takes a few minutes to dry, paint one side and move onto the etching.

For the etching, place your vinyl in the center of each matching piece of glass.  Make sure that the edges form a tight seal.  Then, apply a generous amount of etching creme to the rest of the surface.  Follow instructions on your bottle.  {Hint:  I always keep the etching creme on much longer than it says.  15 minutes or so wont hurt it!}

Finish this step by painting the remaining sides of the blocks and (after the proper time has elapsed) cleaning off the etching creme.

{Step Two:  Applying the Glitter}
Add one more thin coat of paint to the front of the wood blocks. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle diamond dust over the top. While it dries, lightly press them in once or twice.

{Step ThreeFace Details}
Use whatever you desire to create the snowman's face.  I was going to use seed beads, but was having trouble getting them to stay on the glass.  I am happy with the paint though, because I could make the black parts look more misshapen like rocks or coal.

{Step Four:  Attach the Pieces Together}
Using the glue gun, make four blobs of glue on each corner of the glass. Quickly attach to the wood, pressing lightly. This will allow the pieces to attach together as well as create a spacer between the two (which gives it that dimensional look). Continue this process with all three pieces.

{Your Turn}
Any other designs you would make using this technique?  Have you made any winter crafts using etching creme before?  It seems like the perfect "frost" to me!  As always, I would love to hear your feedback or any input on future crafts you would like to see.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

P.S. As I was writing this post, it started snowing here!  Too perfect!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

5 Christmas Crafts using Fabric (most no-sew!)

Great news ladies and gentlemen: I finally have a job!  Well, a job outside of doggie trainer/housekeeper/cook/blogger that is.  Yes, I added blogging into that- it takes more time than you would think (unless you blog, then you probably WOULD think so)!  To make things even better, I work at the happiest place on earth.  No, no- not the one in Florida, the one for sewers.  Yep, I now work at JoAnn Fabrics.  Now if only I could figure out a way to spend all my time at Hobby Lobby and Michaels too (and get paid for it!)  Now I am just dreaming...

That being said, I have now spent my first day of work surrounded by CUTE fabrics and crafts.  So instead of shopping, I logged onto pinterest to "ooh" and "ahh" all of the neat Christmas ideas.  I figure this way, I am not just buying up fabric for no reason (hey, we've all got bills to pay, right?)... even if I really want to.

Here are a few really cute projects that I found:
*All projects and photographs are NOT my own*



"Embroidered Fabric Christmas Tree" by Better Homes and Gardens

I just LOVE this tree. The colors, the shapes, the buttons; it is beautiful. I bet the same idea could even be
made with fabric glue if you didn't know how (or didn't want to) sew.


"Ruffle Tree Skirt" by Done Over Decor

Here is another example of a fabric craft than can be made without sewing...(really!) I can't get over how lovely this is and how easy it looks to make. I especially love that she used burlap- so pretty. I will definetly be making this one soon!


Sparkly Sparkles {Embroidery Hoop Decor} by Whatever

I like this not only because it looks crazy easy and can be in any design you desire, but because they look like ornaments! I might even add a little something to the top to make it look even more like that. I love how simple yet stunning these embroidery hoops are. Plus, what a good use for any scrap fabric!


"Winter Wonderland Pillow" by Better Homes and Gardens

This craft calls for basic knitting, crocheting and embroidering knowledge to complete- most which I do not possess. However, I thought the type of look could be achieved by using punch embroidery techniques. Not that I know how to do that either, but my mom is getting into it lately, so I bet she would help me! Or, simply make the trees from fabric. I don't think it would be quite as nice, but still probably pretty cute. Anything with buttons on it seems to grab my attention.


 "How to Make a Fabric Bow {tutorial}" by WhipperBerry

I think this is just fantastic. I LOVE gift wrapping and am always looking for ways to make packaging more unique and personal. Can you believe that bow is made from fabric? Besides the fact that you can make these however you want, they probably look a lot better than those cheap bows from the store. I am really excited to make these- what an awesome idea WhipperBerry!

{Your Turn}
Which fabric idea was your favorite? Do you have a winter craft that you would like to share? I would love to hear what you are up to and what you think of these ideas. Don't forget to check out these bloggers for even more ADORABLE craft ideas!

Did you see my post on how to make Personalized Dollar Store Gloves? If not, check it out. I show you how to make three different styles, which you can then turn around to make hundreds (if you want hundreds of gloves!) It's a fabric craft of my own that I just made and would love to share with you.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Message For All Girls (and Women)

Good Morning my friends.  My plan today was to bring you a new cold-weather craft.  However, I have been noticing lately that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.  No, this is not political.  It has nothing to do with social security, taxes or war.  It has to do with the way people (women especially) are viewing themselves in the world today.  With social media being so easy and accessible, girls are making their feelings more and more known.  Wouldn't you agree?  A status update or a new "tweet" only take a moment to make.  Similarly, it is easier than ever to bring people down.  It seems that people think of virtual words as less harmful than face-to-face words.  Just to clear things up:  They are NOT less harmful.

It breaks my heart to see these girls (of all ages) feeling insecure with who they are.  I know that my blog isn't the most popular one out there, but if my message gets across to just one person, I will feel that it was worth my time.  I want each and every woman to know that they are truly special, that they are loved and that they do have a purpose that nobody else can fulfill.

That being said, I wanted to also make a few printables on this subject that I am happy to share with you.  If you or somebody you know would benefit from seeing these words, please do not hesitate to print them out, hang them up, or make them your computer wallpaper.  Use them in any way that will encourage you or those you love.

{Please enjoy & share these free printables}
Image of God 
Keep Being You 
You Are Beautiful 
You are NOT insignificant 
You Are... {You} 

Girls, Women, Everyone listening:
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  Inside and Out.  YOU ARE NEEDED.  Even when you think that no one notices you.  YOU HAVE A PURPOSE.  God has a plan and I promise you, that in time you will see it too.

I know that it is hard sometimes to see yourself as special.  I know that sometimes life is really really hard and it seems that nothing is going your way.  I know that people are mean and that words really do hurt.  I know that sometimes it is not so easy to figure out who you are.  Yet, I know that you (yes YOU) are so capable and wonderful and specially made to be exactly who you are.  Please don't ever give up on yourself, because I promise you:  There are people out there who have never even met you, who love you and can't wait to see you succeed.  Really.  It sounds crazy but it's true.

Similarly, girls be nice to each other.  Love yourself and don't try to make yourself feel better by bringing others down.  There is enough room in this world for everyone to be happy.  Being mean wont make you happier anyways, not in the long run.  You might be surprised who you can find a friend in, so give them a chance.

Now that I've got that all off my chest, I hope it has made a difference for someone- anyone.  I will see you all again on Thursday.  You are beautiful and you are loved.

Kelsie Ann

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quick and Easy Pajama Pants

Is there anything better than waking up on a cold morning wearing a warm pair of pajama pants?  Yes- the snooze button and more time under the covers!  However, since the latter is not often an option for our busy lives, let me show you how to make your own pair of cozy pajama pants:

{Step One: Gather Materials}
You will need a few yards of fabric for this project.  I found this snuggle flannel by chance one time and LOVED it.  I always go straight to the snuggle flannel, so I have a lot of it.  That's okay though, because I also love to make burp cloths like these.  However, a stretchier material might actually work better for this project.

After that, all you need is a sewing machine and thread! Plus a cord or ribbon to make your pants tie up.

{Step Two: Cut it Out}
If you are using another pair of pajama pants as a guide, then simply trace along the pants leaving enough room to make up for your seam difference.  I sew in 5/8 inch, but I heard that many are sewing in 1/2 inch today.  (Wow... that makes me feel old!)  When you get to the groin area, remember to trace where the seam is.

If you cut along the fold, you should have 2 pieces, if you did not, you should have 4.    Cutting on the fold is preferred, but (as in my case) I didn't have enough fabric to fit the pattern on it like that.

What I learned:  When you get to the waist, if it looks like it comes back in after flaring out at the hips- ignore it.  I curved it back in and my waist isn't as loose as it should be.  Remember, the pants tie closed to fit, so it is okay if the pants look big at the waist.

{Step Three: Sew Together Each Leg}

This step applies if you did NOT cut the pieces out on the fold.  Here you simply line up 2 pieces (right sides facing each other) and sew the inside of the leg pieces together.

The fabric on the top shows how it should look when you are sewing it.  The fabric on the bottom shows how it should look after you open it back up.

{Step Four: Sew the Groin}

After you have sewn the inside of both legs, open up the fabric and lay it flat.  Then, taking both full pieces, lay them down (right sides together), matching up the edges.  Next, you will sew along the "U".

I have been sewing for over 14 years and I still have trouble figuring out how things go together when I don't have a pattern telling me what to do.  For a second I thought I might have made a pair of snuggle flannel chaps!

{Don't worry, this is correct- just not held up that way!}

{Step Five: Sew Together the Outside}

Lining up the edges, pin the outside of each leg closed.  Then, go ahead and add a seam along these edges.  If the pins are hard to see in the picture, the arrows will show you where each side begins.

{Step Six: Make the Waistband}

At the top of the pants, fold a very small bit of fabric and sew it down (pictured above).  This way, when you fold the top hem shut, it will have a crisp edge with no fraying.  Fold it again the same direction, making enough of a space that the ribbon can move inside of it.  Remember, this should all be sewn on the inside of the pants (wrong side of the fabric).

All that is left on the waist is to cut 2 small holes where you want the ribbon to come out (generally one on each side of the very front seam).  You may hand sew this closed or cheat (like I did) and just put some of that no-fray glue on the edges.  

I apologize for not having pictures of this, but if you look at already owned pajama pants, you will see what I am talking about.

Then, just work your ribbon through the pants using a safety pin clipped to the end of the ribbon.  Some people don't like to do this, but I love running ribbon through a waistband!

{Step Seven: Hem the Pants}
I always wait to do this step last, because you never really know how long your pants will turn out after doing all the other sewing (especially the waistband). Or maybe that's just me. Either way, try on your new pants and figure out where you want them to fall. Then if necessary, pin them up and hem them. By this point, you're a sewing pro and hemming should be no problem for you!

{Your Turn!}
Pajama pants are one of the easiest things to sew and are just so comfortable! What I love most about sewing is that you are not limited to the fabric designs like you are with pants that you buy. I mean come on- how adorable are those owls?! I hope you have found my tutorial helpful and are excited to make your own.  If you still feel uneasy about not using a pattern, Martha Stewart offers a free printable pattern that you just download, print and put together.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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