Sunday, July 28, 2019

A look at Pediped + Giveaway!

I don't know about you but this summer has been crazy!  First it took forever to get here (any other Hoosiers here that completely missed spring thanks to our crazy weather?) then once it got here it's been a flurry of activities and appointments and running every which way.  I've been dying to write this post for months now and I'm finally getting around to doing so.

Why have I been itching to write it?  Because I get to feature and GIVEAWAY one of my all-time favorite products! Seriously y'all, we are lifetime customers.

[Disclaimer: I have received free product in exchange for writing this review.  However, as always- all opinions are my own and I am in no way required to give a positive review.  Giveaway items are sponsored by PediPed and administered by Cut, Craft, Create]

pediped is a shoe company for babies, toddlers and big kids that practices their slogan "the next best thing to bare feet".  As a barefoot fan, this first caught my attention. But a couple years and three pairs of shoes later- I have a lot more reasons to love them.

Here's why:

1- Barefoot (or close to it) is good for kids!  Bare feet strengthens and promotes agility from the feet all the way up to the hips.  When we don't wear shoes our feet are able to feel the ground beneath us better and thus learn to respond in a healthier way.  Those tiny adjustments add up and over time improve our balance, movement and posture.  (I mentioned this in my last pediped post here) Sometimes though, we have to wear shoes so this is literally the "next best thing."

2- These shoes are quality.  I'll admit, I'm generally a "buy cheap stuff" gal but when it comes to everyday shoes for the kids, I want quality.  These are shoes the kids play in, climb in, even hike in! I LOVE how flexible they are while also being sturdy.  My kids climb over rocks, scale trees without slipping and simply do everyday play in their pediped shoes. 

[He's checking out the flexible grip design.  Really!  He commented about how they 'bend' ha! Even kids notice!]

3- They are machine washable.  It sounds silly but this is something specifically that I look for when children's shoe shopping and both pairs we currently own are completely machine washable. (I don't believe our baby ones were though so double check before purchasing!)  I've washed both shoes pictured on this post multiple times in our regular washing machine!

[It's hard to see but the silver on these shoes is SPARKLY!  And they continue to stay sparkly after lots of puddle jumps and runs through the washing machine.]

4- They look really nice. There are so many options avilable on their website that you are bound to find one, or two.. or a dozen that you love! The easy to navigate website allows you to shop size (baby/toddler/big kid) plus special deals, gifts and sizing help.  Within each category you can choose the style of shoe you want or even shop by gender or search bar!

[This is the pair we had when my son was about 18 months old]

5- They are easy to put on.  My daughter has the 'silver glitter' "Minnie" shoes and is 2 years old.  She is able to put them on quickly by herself with no trouble.  The elastic strap is not only easy to close but she can even get it through the loop if it comes all the way undone.  I love that she is able to do it all herself because she is Miss Independent in everything she does and this has eliminated a lot of meltdowns from mommy "trying to help".

6- Last but not least- They are a GOOD company. They run all sorts of fun events and giveaways throughout the year.  We actually WON the Dani Grey/Orange that my son is wearing during their online Easter egg hunt for only 1 penny! They gave away dozens of pairs of shoes over a couple of days!  Even more amazing, they send out shoes to customers simply for the sake of 'paying it forward" called the Serendipity Program.  They also offer a ton of vegan material-made shoes so you can buy quality without harming animals!

 [Screenshot taken directly from pediped Instagram story]

If I haven't made it clear yet, I love these shoes and this company.  I think it's a worthy company to support but if you'd like to snag a FREE pair while you shop around- then enter the giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Contest open to residents of the US ages 18 years of age and older. No purchase necessary. Must complete prompts using widget above.  Winner picks "girl or boy" and size of shoe and Pediped will send a style of their choice to the winner free of charge.