Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY Clipboard for around $1

If you love dollar bins raise your hand.  Come on, don't be shy.  I am over here right now waving both arms high in the air!  Oh, how I love dollar bins- especially Michael's and Target!  On Tuesday my mom and I went to town, had some lunch and yes, went to both Michael's and Target to check out their goodies.  I figured I would find some things I "couldn't live without" but what I found was just too perfect:  a clipboard.

My husband has really been itching for a spot to put a grocery list.  I sort of compile it all in my head... and then forget things.  Oops.  Anyways, when I saw that Target had clipboards for $1 AND that they had a little tab at the top to hang it (I wanted to put the grocery list on the fridge) I couldn't pass it up!  The designs on them were alright, but I knew that I had some cute paper at home that would match perfectly in our kitchen.  So, off I went to make this adorable clipboard for around a buck!

You only need a few materials for this project and most are things you probably have on hand already!

I found my clipboard at Target, so you might want to check out your local Target for them as well.  There were big ones and small ones (I got the small), both for $1.  I bet the Dollar Tree would also have some for a buck, or even a store like Wal-Mart.

{How to Make it}
It is really easy and really quick to make.  The first thing I did was cut my paper by tracing the shape of the clipboard onto the back of the paper.  I allowed some extra room so that the paper could wrap around to the back.  I also notched out a spot where the metal hinge is at the top of the clipboard.  This will be a lot easier to do now than after it is covered in Mod Podge.

Next, cover the front of the clipboard in Mod Podge, place your paper over the top, smooth it out and let dry.  Then, cover the top of the paper with Mod Podge to seal it up and to create a finished look.

{Isn't this paper darling?  The rain boots, the stitched messages, and the colors- wow!  So perfect for our beautiful home and our lovely red kitchen}

If you so choose, add embellishments to your clipboard such as buttons, string or... more paper!  I happened to own a paper that matched this one, so I cut a message out of it and attached it to the bottom of my clipboard:
{loves makes our house a home}

{Your Turn}
What do you think?  I love Mod Podge and being able to so easily make something exactly how I want it.  Have you ever found something really great in the dollar bin?  Did you make something out of it?  I would love to hear about them (and see them!) so please share.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

Monday, January 28, 2013

Advice Needed From Card Connoisseurs!

As Valentine's Day draws nearer, I am sure many of you are trying to decide what to do for your loved ones.  Although my husband and I do not really celebrate Valentine's Day (I don't care much for it... lucky for my husband, huh?) we will usually share a card or a little note just to say that on this day (and every day) how much we love each other.  This year, I thought of making a spinning wheel card with different things that "I promise to" on it.  The problem is, I am not a card maker!  Really.  I can do many different areas of crafting but I really struggle with card making.  However, I know a LOT of you out there specialize in it, so I want your opinion on today's post.  Will you help me out?

As you can see, the wheel itself looks pretty good.  I absolutely LOVE that paper, don't you?  I also used a heart shaped brad for the middle- perfect for the occasion.

I made eight different things that "I promise to" do.  Everything from "kiss you goodnight" to "encourage you".  I even threw in a few fun ones like "make you supper" and "warm your spot" (like on the bed or couch)... two little things that mean a LOT to my husband.

{Of course, I had to include "love you" and make it stand out from the rest}

{Here's where I need your help!}
I need to attach this to a card somehow so that I can include the part that says "I promise to"... otherwise we just have a wheel that says "kiss you goodnight"- which doesn't make much sense.

Here was my first idea:

 A vertical card with the wheel under it.  I didn't like the way it looked- too crowded at the bottom.

So then I tried a horizontal card:

{I think I would print out the writing, I just wrote it to get an idea of how it would look}

Something about this seems wrong too.

As I was preparing to write this post, I thought of one last solution:  Taking a small tag on a string and letting it hang from the heart brad.  Then, have the "I promise to" written on the tag  That way I don't have to have a card backing but I can still get the message across.  What do you think?

{What do you think?}
Any suggestions on how to make this look better?  I know there are card connoisseurs out there!  I really appreciate your help on this one because I am STUCK!  I am sure my husband would love it either way but it would make me happy if it looked good!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dress Up Your Stuff With Vinyl!

Hello Hello my crafty brothers and sisters!  Do you ever feel the need to dress something up a little?  To use your crafty magic to turn the bland into the fantastic?  Maybe it is a boring agenda book cover or a plain looking light switch.  Well my friends, I have one simple word for you: Vinyl.

Using vinyl to dress up an item is a quick and easy way to personalize anything you own.  Both my mama and I have been in the vinyl mood lately.  Come check out what we made:

I. love. planning.  I love writing things down in my agenda book and looking ahead towards the week (like I am actually going to follow it).  There is also a particular format that I like the pages to be.  This means that I can't go find a beautifully made cover because odds are, it doesn't have the inside that I want.  That also means that I get to personalize my new agenda book however I want!  Isn't it darling?

Just choose a design, cut it out in vinyl and stick it to your book.  It's that easy!

I used to hate vinyl.  My mom would always suggest I use it for something but I could never seem to get it to work.  It was more frustrating than the craft was worth.  That was until I found transfer paper!

{The shape design is called "Lady with Ribbon Silhouette" and can be found in the Silhouette Store.  I added a double line circle around her to finish off the design you see here}

If you are new to vinyl or having trouble getting your images from the paper to your project, I HIGHLY recommend transfer paper.  Just follow the instructions on the package to make your life one hundred times easier.  I do not exaggerate- I love this stuff!

Onto My Mama's Project:
My mom just repainted her dining room.  It is hard to see in the pictures, but the whole room is a sort of light cocoa color with splashes of white and other colors.  It is stunning!  The first thing I did when I walked into the house was to (literally) gasp out loud!  I absolutely love it.  Anyways, during her renovation she searched for a light switch cover that matched the new room... to no avail.  So, as any crafty woman would do:  she made one herself.

All she did was paint a blank cover the same color as the wall (see, I told you the picture doesn't look like the right color!) let dry, and covered it with her vinyl design.

She used Design 2503 called "frame: flourish" from the Silhouette Store.
After measuring the size of the light switch, she enlarged the design to fit.  The inside frame was the perfect size to fit around the switch and screws.  It was meant to be!

What a pretty pattern.  Much better than anything we could find in the store!

{Your Turn}
What do you have lying around the house that could use a little "dressing up"?  Had you ever thought of using one of the frame shapes as a light switch cover?  Seeing these shapes being used in new ways is a surefire way to get the creative juices flowing.  I would love to hear what you are up to so feel free to share!
Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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Monday, January 21, 2013

I got crafty at CRAFT for a cause

Hey everyone!  This weekend I participated in an a fundraising event called CRAFT for a cause.  This event was thought up and organized entirely by my friend Jill from Every Day is an Occasion and raises money to help donate AED's to local schools, churches, groups and invididuals. Do you remember Jill?  She is the same one who organized the Ring in the New Year Blog Hop that I was a part of.  This girl is seriously busy and crazy talented!  Don't forget to head over to her blog and learn more about CRAFT for a Cause (and to be introduced to her craftiness!)

I LOVE the idea of crafting for a good cause, so I couldn't miss this opportunity!  I also wanted to share what we made at this event and to brag on my creative and kindhearted friend a little more.  I am sure she is blushing reading this right now.  Please note that the idea for these crafts were entirely Jill's... I just made them and took some pictures!

Everyone made three items: a double sided magnet board, a mini album with box and conversation chocolate kisses.  Love it, how cute and YUM!

{Double Sided Magnet Board}
How darling is this?  We Mod Podged paper onto both sides of a magnetic board, making a craft that is twice as nice!  The buttons and the bow are attached to magnets, so that they can be moved around the board.  With just a few simple pieces, this craft has a ton of looks and even more uses (I can see my husband turning this into a grocery list board!)  She even gave us a stand for it.

Want to see Jill's board?  Check it out here.  I love the paper she used on hers- too cute!

{Mini Album with Box}
What a cute Valentine idea for your sweetheart!  We were given a box to decorate however we wanted and then given this little "book" to turn into a book of love coupons (or anything else that we desired).  Although I love the "book of love coupons" title, I couldn't resist writing a "love you" with buttons on the front!  Inside, I included some of the pre-made tickets that Jill printed (like the romantic dinner for 2) but also made a few of my own from her blank template (like the free pass on dog duties).  We have a crazy dog, but I am sure that your sweetheart would appreciate a break from the kids too! 

What is extra neat about this little book is that each "page" is an envelope for us to include gift certificates that correlate to the ticket (i.e. a gift card to his favorite restaurant in with the "romantic dinner" ticket).  Clever, isn't she?

Jill made a brag book out of hers.  It is really cute (and so are her kids)!  Go check it out here.

{Conversation Chocolate Kisses}
I was drawn in by the chocolate, but she hooked me with the cuteness of this craft!  Here, we decorated 'tubes' and folded in the ends to store the candy.  She even gave us stickers to write our own messages on the bottoms of the kisses.  Simple as that- but really cute, right?  I especially love the way she mixed together papers in our kits.  I am loving those blue dots and pastel florals, aren't you?

Check out Jill's here

{Your Turn}
Which craft is your favorite?  Do you think you would have liked participating in such a neat charity event?  Maybe next time she does it, we can double the crowd!  If you still haven't gone over to Every Day is an Occasion, head over there now and give her some blog love for all her hard work.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

Thursday, January 17, 2013

How To Make Resin Jewelry

I told you all that I was addicted to jewelry making.  My plan was to make a different project using resin (which I will do in a later post!) and then before I knew it, I was gathering supplies for a necklace.  I guess it is time for me to accept that I have a problem- but until then, let me share my adventures with you!  Check out these resin necklaces that I made.  They were super easy to do and hardly take any time at all (except for letting the resin dry)... take a look:

{let me tell you, the pictures do not do justice to how awesome these are!}

{It's easy to do}
For each necklace, you only need three materials: (plus a chain if you don't already have on)

  {I was just going to do the vinyl "love" at first, but when I mixed up extra resin, I decided to break out my Martha Stewart Tinsel Glitter that I won at a link party on Every Day is an Occasion.  Thanks Jill for the awesome glitter!}

Next, add your vinyl to the pendant piece.  Mix up your resin (follow the instructions listed on the packaging) and let dry.  That's it!

{this shape is from a set of 4 called "decorative circles" by Karla Dudley and can be found in the Silhouette store.  I cut this at 1/2 inch from vinyl and it cut beautifully!}

If you choose to do glitter, here is what I learned:  When you drip the resin on top of the glitter it will just form a bubble on top of it.  You must mix it around together if you want the resin to smooth out over the whole piece.  I mixed it all together inside the pendant and it turned out just fine.

{Your Turn}
What would you put inside your necklace?  Or... would you make something else?  A charm bracelet, earrings or something non-jewelry?  I am excited to experiment with resin more and see what all I can create!

Also, don't forget to check out my co-worker Shana's blog, Crafts Queen!  I had no idea I was working with another craft blogger!  She is so creative and loves to take her own spin on craft projects, so don't miss the opportunity to check her out. I can't wait to see what she works on next, so give her some blog love and support our crafty sister!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Free "I promise to" Printables (Blank copy included!)

How was everyone's weekend?  I was lucky enough to have Saturday night off of work so me and my husband went on a date.  Then Sunday we spent the day cleaning the house and enjoying each others company.  It sounds funny, but it is beautiful weekends like this that make me fall more in love with him.  I got to thinking about our wedding vows, which led me to thinking about all the little promises that most of us don't actually recite at our wedding ceremony but do in fact practice in the day to day.  That is why I created a short set of "I promise to" printables for you all to have.  Some are funny, some are sweet and I bet at least some of them apply to you!

All of these printables will have the same background image, so that if you choose, several can be placed together as a set.  I will also include a BLANK copy so that you can write whatever you want inside!

I got the background paper from (it's in the "Celeste Knight" bundle in the freebies section) and did the rest myself.  Feel free to print or share any images but please link back to this website if you do!  All images should print 5x7.

{Funny Ones}
{okay ladies, we all know men looooove to have the remote for some reason}

 {this one is a promise made by the guys.  luckily my husband has always been good about this}

 {keep your loved ones warm!}

{my husband loves to drive and I love to be driven.  we're a perfect match}

{Sweet Ones}
 {it's the little things}

 {...and never go to sleep without saying "I love you"}

{this one is easy because my husband is hilarious!}
{get it here}

{Some More...}

 {doing this with a brownie is maybe the highest proof of my love}

 {actually, my husband is a chocolate milk guy- he does this for me though!}

{tyler does this for me every single day.  chivalry at it's finest}

{this one is sort of in our vows... this is just more laid back wording}

{Make Your Own!}
{what special thing do you and yours share?  make your own with this blank template!}

I love these little reminders on how special the "little things" are.  I am feeling really blessed to have a husband whom I get to experience all of these things with and who sticks with me... even though I occasionally steal the covers in my sleep.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann 

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hand Stitched Love & Burlap {DIY Shirt}

It's not even the middle of January yet and everywhere I look there are signs of Valentine's Day.  Colors of red, pink and white are flooding retail stores and images of hearts are stamped across Pinterest.  I have never been much of a Valentine's Day person.  I have no real problem with the day but I don't get excited about it either (crazy, right?)  I do however love the colors; and I am always a fan of hearts!  The problem is, because I don't care for it in the sense of the holiday, I don't want to cover my home in Valentine's decorations.  Halloween- okay, Christmas- of course, Valentine's- probably not.  I can however, satisfy my need for this look with clothing that I could wear any time of year!

I LOVE this shirt (pun most definitely intended!) It is easy to make and uses only TWO extra materials:

You will need:
- 1 shirt
- Burlap, cut into a heart
- DMC thread

I attached the burlap to the shirt using heat n bond and reinforced it with a few simple stitches along the edge.  For the "Love", I hand sewed using a needle and a full string batch of DMC thread (I kept it thick so it would show up better).  The more "hand written" the love looks, the better!

{Your Turn}
We all know that I LOVE burlap, but what about you?  Are you a fan of the "rustic" look of the burlap heart and handwritten love or would you have chosen a different pattern?  I have a new favorite shirt right now and because it simply says "love", I can wear it year round!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Jewelry Making with a Wax Seal Stamp & Clay!

I love jewelry.  Really, I love all accessories.  My family loves to tease me about my giant sun hats and outrageous necklaces.  This year for Christmas my husband actually bought me a jewelry armoire.  We decided a jewelry box was nowhere big enough for all my stuff, so he got me a 4 foot tall jewelry storing beast!  I love it!  I guess that has put me in an even bigger jewelry mood because I have been dabbling in jewelry making since that day.  First I made a metal stamped necklace and now this:

The strap is basic enough, just braided DMC thread, but the "charm" on it... that's baked clay that I shaped with a wax seal stamp!

Does everyone know what I'm talking about when I say "wax seal stamp"?  It is a type of stamp that is often used in formal occasions (weddings, etc.) to seal up an envelope.  To use it, you melt a stick of wax onto the paper then press the stamp into it.  I happened to just own this because I am a sucker for that type of thing.

For this project however, no wax is needed.  Here IS what you will need:

You may actually use any type of thread that you are comfortable with.  I could not find what I was looking for, but I think DMC thread is easy to work with.

I chose the blue and green shades because they are included as some of the "HOT NEW COLORS OF 2013" (this may be the first time I am ever actually up on trends!) and I thought gold was a nice accent color.

{How to Make It}

{1} First, gather a small amount of clay and press the design into it with the wax seal stamp.

MAKE SURE to put holes in the clay BEFORE you bake it.  I used a safety pin to do this.

{2} Bake the clay as instructed and allow it to cool.

{3}  Paint the clay and let it dry.

{4} String the thread through the holes in the clay piece. You will need three pieces of thread to braid,
       so cut evenly measured strips of thread (I used 2 greens and 1 blue). Place a green piece on each
       side, making it loop through the holes. The blue thread will be shared between the two, giving each
       side a third piece.

{The pattern on the back came from pressing the clay on top of paper towel!}

{5} Once the pieces are in place, tie the green threads in a knot to secure everything.  When this step is
       finished, it should look like this from the back:

{6} All you have left to do is to braid each side.  I knotted mine at the ends and added a little gold bead to each thread.  I also made my bracelet adjustable- but that is up to you.

To make it adjustable:  Take a separate piece of thread and with the ends of the bracelet overlapping each other by a few inches (the whole thing being in a circle shape like it would be on your wrist), tie a loose knot.  Then, flip it over to the other side and tie a knot again.  Repeat by flipping the bracelet over back and forth until you have several knots in a row.  This should work as a holder, which allows the bracelet threads to slide back and forth.  (Sorry I don't have pictures of this!)

{I also made a long braided piece with blue, green and white to be worn with this bracelet}

{Your Turn!}
I have always loved the look of the wax seal and now I get to wear that look around with me all day!  What do you think?  For more ideas on jewelry making, check out these posts on charm bracelets with buttons, "grown-up" shrinky dink necklaces and my metal stamped necklace.  Enjoy!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Headbands with Interchangeable Flowers

Don't you just love when you suddenly realize that a person you know is in fact a "crafty" person?  An immediate bond is formed as tips are shared and projects are explored.  Well, that happened to me over the New Year.  I spent the weekend with my in-laws and their good friends were celebrating with us.  As I got to talking to the friend (her name is Dawn), we discovered that we both love to craft!  Long story short, she showed me a little something she had made that I HAD to share with you all:

 Headbands with interchangeable flowers!
{Pardon the self portrait... I was never very good at these}

She got the idea by thinking my favorite thing: "I could make that!"  when she saw headbands like this in Disney for over twenty dollars.

Dawn let me choose any headbands and flowers that I wanted out of her collection.  She is really pretty awesome.

The design is simple yet perfectly made; a headband that ties in the back and has a snap for the flowers:

She had a large variety of flowers, including petal, yo-yo style and even ones made from zippers!  I love all the possibilities that these headbands have.

The best part is that they are interchangeable.  That means that these two looks become four!

I picked two fairly neutral colors/designs but there were a ton of beautiful bright flowers and headbands too!

My very favorite part (I immediately fell in love) was the leaf design on the black headband.  I am a sucker for leaves anyway (ask my husband and he might say I have an obsession) and these are so pretty with the yellow and black.

I was very impressed to find out that my friend was so creative!  I love these headbands and I hope you did too.  What a neat gift this would be for your daughters, nieces or friends.  I have already told Dawn that she would be getting an "order" for more if I ever have a daughter!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ring in the New Year BLOG HOP!

Hello and Happy New Year!  I can feel it already, 2013 is going to be a good one.  For starters, let's welcome you to the Ring in the New Year Blog Hop, where myself and eight other bloggers are teaming up to share some awesome crafts with you.  If you have just stumbled upon this blog hop you can follow along by starting at Ribbon's and Glue. If you have been following along you should have come from My Paper Love.  Isn't this fun?

The idea behind this blog hop is to use something "new" that we got for Christmas.  I decided to make a piece of metal stamped jewelry with my new metal stamping kit and supplies!  I am already addicted to this fun, fun craft.

Only a few supplies are needed to make this:
{Santa knew exactly what I wanted this year}

My mom even bought me this "mini mannequin" jewelry holder for Christmas- what a perfect way to display my new necklace!

Those are my initials stamped into the necklace.  I still get giddy when I put an "S" on the end of my name. (For those of you new to the blog, I just got married this summer, so I've got a new last name!)  I also forgot to pick up head pins or something to hang the beads from so I simply tied them on- and it looks great!

Thanks so much for following along!  There is a lot more creativity ahead, so keep checking out the other blogs in the hop...

Your next stop is A Piece of Life's Pie.

The next blog post will be up on Friday, January 4.
Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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