Monday, April 29, 2013

Wood Disk Necklace Pendants- Natural Beaty in a Whole New Way!

Oh what a neat little project I have for you today and to think- it almost never was!  I had a whole different post planned until I realized I was missing a crucial piece.  Oops! Time for plan B.  Oh wait, I don't have a plan B.  This week has been a crazy one (good crazy though, I got a new job in my field of interest, that is with a christian founded company and with awesome people!  More on that another time.) so I didn't have my normal list of backup craft options.

Then suddenly it hit me!  What are two things I love more than almost anything?  Rustic outdoorsy stuff and jewelry.  And so, my friends I bring you....

Wood Disk Necklace Pendants!

Are you as excited as I am?  They are super easy to make too.

Find a branch that is about 1 inch wide.  Cut into pieces about 1/8- 1/4 inch thick (whatever thickness you want on your necklace) and smooth if desired.  I left mine rough but I dig that rugged look.

Let your creativity run wild!  I made one with (my new favorite) color of blue and a heart negative to let the wood show through.  I used a vinyl heart and peeled it off when the paint was dry.

{That's the vinyl before I painted over it}
{I prefer the sides unpainted so that I can see the bark... I love this!}

I painted another one gold and dipped the edge in blue glitter.  My husband may not care much for glitter but he has to admit... this is pretty cute!

Have you ever tried wire wrapping?  I hadn't but took a go at it for the next two pendants.  First a green one:

{I am loving the bead in the middle.  It looks like a bug or something hanging out on a mossy tree!}

... then a bare wooden one:

{A long bead that I got years ago from the Earth Festival sits perfectly atop this bare wood piece}

Each piece was covered in Mod Podge to seal it up after the colored paint was applied.  The bare wood one was also covered in Mod Podge to give it a finished look.          

{Your Turn}
Would you sport these done-up wood disks this summer?  I love having a piece of nature so close to me and having it be so fashionable!  It's a win-win!  What are some ways that you would decorate yours?

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Route 66 Pillows

Do you ever feel like some weeks are more than 7 days long?  It's that kind of week for me.  Not bad, just slow.  That being said, I can't believe it's almost May already!  How can a week be so slow but a month go so fast?  Must be an astrological mishap or something.  With May inching ever near I am ready for summer, yes summer to come out and play!  I think back to summers past and all the fun I have had.  This includes my BEST VACATION EVER- the summer of 2011.

That summer, my then boyfriend (now husband!) and I traveled along our beloved Historical Route 66.  We drove the whole thing, followed hand written maps and stopped at all the sites and most of the little mom and pop restaurants.  It was incredible.  If you ever have the time I highly suggest this trip (ask me for my input and I'll tell you places not to miss!).  It doesn't hurt that in the middle of this trip we stopped at the Grand Canyon (amazing), hiked the whole thing (life changing) and oh yea, Tyler asked me to marry him.  Not too shabby of a trip.

Since then I have been obsessed with everything Route 66.  It's history and nostalgia all rolled up into one amazing road.  I can't get enough of it.  Because of that, I have decided to theme our guest bedroom in the "Route 66" theme.  I have grand plans for this room but am slow to make it happen.  I did however, make the first steps towards it this week:

I made two different styles to decide which one I like better.  I still can't decide.  On the one hand I LOVE burlap, on the other- is the burlap too much?

These were easy to make, I just used a vinyl stencil and acrylic paint (just like my shirt making that I'm currently addicted to!)

My paint smeared a little on the burlap pillow because I accidentally peeled the wrong part of the vinyl off and then proceeded to ball up the rest.  Once I realized I needed all of that, I was left piecing together crumpled up pieces.  To say the least, the vinyl edges weren't a perfectly tight seal.  You live you learn.

Just make sure that you make the words and outline the "negative space"

I sort of think the orange vinyl has a rustic look to it when it is covered in brown paint.  This could have been the pillow design!

Let the paint dry, peel off the vinyl and sew up your pillow (I actually tried a no-sew technique I found on Pinterest but I didn't like it as well.  I will probably be taking these apart and sewing them back up soon).  Voila!  Route 66 pillows!

Are you wondering why I chose New Mexico and Arizona?  Well...I LOVE New Mexico.  I think it is the most beautiful state in the US and I fell in love with it on this trip.  As for Arizona, that is where Tyler proposed.  I can't leave that out!  It is in close running for beauty too.

So which pillow do you like better?  Burlap style...

or tea stained style?  (This may need to be done a few more times, I like the darker look it had before it dried even better)

{During the tea staining process.  I wish this darker color had stayed}

Cast your vote for favorite because I would love to hear what you think!  And remember- if you're looking for an awesome family trip or a life changing trip for two, consider driving Historic Route 66.  You will meet the nicest people and see the neatest things.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

Monday, April 22, 2013

Paper Flowers to Show You Care {+ Giveaway Winner}

It's Monday (boo) but I'm awake and my husband is home from his weekend away (yay!).  My mother-in-law won a very big award this weekend and although I was unable to go, the rest of the family went to Colorado to attend the ceremony.  The only other person who had to miss was my grandmother-in-law (is that a word?) because she had rotator cuff surgery a few days prior.  From what I hear that is pretty serious business.  Even though she's a toughie, I wanted to send her a simple card saying "recover quickly and know that we're thinking of you".

If you haven't noticed, I'm pretty excited for spring/summer and all the flower-ey goodness that comes from it.  This card is super easy to make and takes no time at all.

First  you will want to add a stamp to the corner of the card.  Yes, you want to do this first because (if you're like me) you just might get some extra ink to the side that needs to be covered by flowers!

For the flowers, simply punch out paper pieces from a standard paper punch.  Then with your hands, push up the corners of the petals.  They will stay popped up without any glue or spray.

I found that thinner paper (like the pink) works better than the heavier cardstock (the yellow and green) because it leaves less of a crease on the paper.  However, once it is all together it is hard to notice the details.

They can be attached any way you choose.  I used E-6000 because it's strong and I could use a tiny dab of it.

Don't you love these dainty flowers?  I just kept adding more and more- loving that "full field of flowers" look!

{That's It!}
If you've been following for long, you know that I dabble in cardmaking but have trouble with it more than most other crafts. I do like this technique however, because it's easy to do and makes such a bold statement. I hope she liked it too!

Speaking of flowers and summertime, ready to hear who the winner of our Summer Love Giveaway was? Just to recap: the winner will be receiving flower seeds to plant at home, free shipping coupons to both Handmade Creations by Julie and Origami Owl, a set of red and white paper straws for summertime BBQ's, blank wooded clothespins with rub-ons and a few fun summer shades of DMC thread.

And the winner is......


You'll be getting a message soon about receiving your package.

Thanks again to everyone who played along! You're all the best, really. Especially GENY who is the only one to do an entry all 5 ways! We may have to think up an extra prize for you just for being such a good sport.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Summer Love Giveaway

I love summer.  Okay, I know it's only spring, but seeing the rain fall and flowers start to pop up from the ground (and being able to wear an actual short sleeved tee!) gets me all excited for summertime.  We all know that time flies by quickly, so we better start thinking about summer, right?

I promised you all a GIVEAWAY and since I am getting so excited for summertime, I thought I would make this blog post Summer Giveaway themed!  What do you think?  Allow me to share a few of my favorite things about summer and then give you a pack of goodies that has to do with each thing, deal?

{Flowers & Gardens}
Of course we have to start off with this one. We've already got some flowers popping up outside our house and it makes me so happy. My husband and I also plant a HUGE garden and although we have yet to perfect it (we waste a lot of food), it is neat to see something grow from a little seed into actual food! Whether you plan a giant garden or a small one, have blooming flowers surrounding your house or just a few on your kitchen table, there is something about flowers that makes summer... summer!

For this portion of the prize, I'll be sending some seeds for you to grow yourself! P.S. If you've got kids, this is a GREAT summer project for them!

 {I LOVE seeds- we even made these seed favors for our wedding last year.  See the post HERE}

I had to start off with flowers but let's be fair... I might love dresses the most! I am a big dress fan anyways but breezy summer dresses might be the best of the best. I don't know about you but it makes me feel so dainty and free to run around in a flowey summer dress.

The only thing cuter than all of us in a summer dress (yes, you're beautiful!) would have to be little girls in summer dresses! Because of that, I wanted to share with you a handmade dress maker, Julie from Handmade Creations by Julie. Not only does she made ADORABLE dressess (she makes boy stuff too!) but she's agreed to sponsor this giveaway too!

If you win, this portion of the prize will include FREE SHIPPING for any order, wherever you might be. She just finished up her own dress giveaway, so make sure to keep watching her for more.

 {That's her adorable daughter modeling an adorable dress via}

{BBQ Parties}
Summer is all about grilling, being outside and spending time with friends. Yea, my friends tease me about my veggie burgers (I've been a vegetarian for 10 years) but it's all part of the fun! I am a huge fan of glass bottles, mason jars and those striped paper straws! Combine those three with a perfectly grilled burger and you may have entered heaven.

Because of that, I wanted to give you some striped paper straws to get your started on your summer BBQ plans. Add some whimsy to your event and toss them into old glass bottles. You are going to love it!

This one sounds cheesy but I think it stems from my near obsession with anything classic, vintage or old. I love clotheslines. I know that most people don't dry their clothes on the line anymore (although we did sometime when I was very young!) but I love the idea of it. I even took this idea and used it in my wedding- having guests write messages and hang them on the "line"!

Whether you actually hang clothes, add a magnet to pin things to the fridge or use them for crafting, decorative clothespins add a personal touch that brings out the beautiful "old" in your life. That's right, I'm sending you some blank wooden clothespins AND a set of rub-ons to decorate them with! If you are skeptical, just try it!

   {Each design you see there is made from rub-ons.  Isn't that neat?!  Check out the post here}

{Bare Feet}
No, I'm not sending you bare feet but it is something I love about summer. Unless I'm in a public place you will find me barefoot and running in the grass! It is so relaxing and it gives you such direct contact to the earth around you. I love it. My husband is anti-bare feet and always wears his work boots! Funny isn't it?

Remember when you were a kid and made those friendship bracelets from DMC thread? You can do that twist knot (what is that called?) or braid them... whatever you choose. Well, I say we bring those back as adults. They are the perfect ankle bracelet and you don't need to worry about taking them off because DMC thread seems to last through anything. When you see me sporting my bare feet all summer you can guarantee that you will find me with a toe ring and a DMC anklet on.

Trust me... I'm a summer fun professional. This portion of the prize includes a few really fun bright summer colors of DMC thread.


Okay this is year round. If you follow this blog you have probably noticed my jewelry obsession. However, summer is the perfect time for big bracelets, dangly earrings or long necklaces. I have recently stumbled across Origami Owl personalized necklaces and I immediately fell in love! This company creates personalized jewelry to help you share your story with interchangable charms. I actually sent in my application to join the team and am now proud to say that I sell these awesome necklaces!

For this portion of the prize, I will also be offering free shipping on any order- just make sure that if you win you order through me personally and not through the online page. Online ordering is a great option for anyone else, but I want to make sure the winner doesn't get charged shipping.

{That's me and my mom on vacation.  I'm wearing my living locket with my favorite long chain}

{Boating & Camping}
One of my very favorite things about summer is camping, hiking, boating... you get the gist. However, I couldn't think of a prize to send that didn't involve s'mores ingredients! If you have a crafty suggestion for this theme, I would love to hear it and I just may throw a little extra something into the winner's prize package!

{How To Win}
First, let's go over the prizes:
1. Flower Seeds to grow at home
2. Free Shipping on your order at Handmade Creations by Julie  
3. Set of striped paper straws
4. Blank wooden clothespins and a set of Rub-Ons
5. Three bright colors or DMC thread
6.  Free Shipping on any Origami Owl order
7. SURPRISE CAMPING PRIZE.  Give me suggestions!

Now let's tell you how to enter.  You may earn 1 entry for each of the following:

1. Follow this blog and comment below. Let me know what your favorite prize is.

2. "LIKE" Cut, Craft, Create on facebook and let me know what your favorite prize is. Don't forget to comment or you won't be counted.

3. SHARE the giveaway post on the Cut, Craft, Create facebook page on your own wall. You'll find it there on the facebook page.

4. "LIKE" Handmade Creations by Julie on facebook and let her know what your favorite dress is. Don't forget to mention this giveaway in your comment!

5. "LIKE" my Origami Owl page on facebook and let me know what you might put in your own living locket. Don't forget to mention this giveaway in your comment!

GOOD LUCK!  The contest will end Sunday at 12:00 noon EST.  Winners will be announced Monday at 9 am EST.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby Shower Fun!

If you follow us on facebook, you've seen me talk about my cousin's upcoming baby shower.  Well, it happened this weekend and I have to say it went pretty well.  This was the first shower and definitely the first baby shower I have ever planned so I was a little nervous.  I had some great help though (Amanda's best friend planned it with me and my mom was a huge help!) and it was lovely.  So, I wanted to share it with you!

Let's start with the centerpieces.  Until the night before the shower I still wasn't entirely sure what I wanted done with the centerpieces, so I bought some flowers and some paper and went home to fiddle around for a few hours.  I LOVE what came out of it:

I wish the picture did it justice.  The colors for the shower were orange, green and brown.  The glass bottle addition was a last thought and I am crazy about it.

Pinwheels are so whimsical by themselves, but when you add the paper straws- perfect!

To keep on that sort of fun, whimsical look we used straws on the food table, pendant banners on the table (and yes pendant banners on the invitation too)

We also had matching signs in orange & green that were placed at the head of each activity table:

One for the cake table, and one for the food table:

Another one for the front/welcome table:

Since this shower included the gender reveal, my cousin made up black bow ties and purple hair bows for people to wear as they "cast their vote"  The white board on the left lists wives tales and if Amanda is "boy" or "girl" on each of them.

 Since I knew the gender, I obviously had to wear no bows or two... so of course I went with two!

There was also a sign at the gift table:

The giraffe was a gift from my mom.  Amanda LOVES giraffes and my mom knew she would love this gift.

...and she did.  She was finished off with a jungle themed bow & a handmade gift tag.

Lastly, we had signs for the favors:

Amanda actually made these favors herself.  They are "baby scented" candles in little blue pails with the name & date of baby Korby's expected arrival!  Really cute huh?

Throughout the shower, everyone was told to take care of their egg "baby".  Others could steal their egg if they lost it, left it behind, mistreated it, etc.  Inside two of the eggs were miniature versions of the black bow tie and the purple hair bow.  Whoever got these two eggs won the prize of getting to pull the gender reveal pinata and reveal the surprise!

Army men, black bow ties and blue everywhere... yep, it's a boy!

Another event we had going on throughout the shower was the onesie decorating station.  Me and Emily (the friend planning it with me) were super excited for this and kept urging people to go make some onesies!

We had a table all lined up with onesies sizes 0-18 months, fabric crayons, fabric pens, fabric markers, stencils, paint, stamps, iron ons... anything you could need!

Our cousin Lorelei spent a LONG time making this giraffe, so I had to give her props on here.  Look how cute he is though!  My mom made the fish one.  Clever, isn't it?  Check out the tag in the right corner.  Kraft Paper and a lovely "Handmade with love by" stamp allowed everyone to leave another special gift for Amanda and baby Korby.

Everyone had a lot of fun.  Our littlest guest was having a ball and made both of the onesies in the top right corner.  My aunt made that adorable whale on the bottom and Amanda loved it!  Perfect touch with the water Benita!

We also played a chugging game.  That's right.  A room full of adults chugging/sucking on small baby bottles.  I will spare them by not posting pictures (unless I get a lot of people ask for them!) but I will show the winners of this game.  They all got big baby bottle trophies.

I'm not sure if I should be proud or concerned that the winners were all members of my family and not distant family, the three I spend the most time with.  Isn't there a saying about the company you keep?!  That's my mom, my aunt Cheryl and her daughter, my cousin Lorelei.

Another game we had was a baby food tasting.  Luckily I was hosting so did not have to participate.  I had to show you this picture of Amanda's dad's answer sheet:

The funniest part isn't that he filled it with words like "poo" or "vile" but that right in the middle of his disgusting list is #2 "Applesauce".  We also found him puncturing holes in his baby bottle during the chugging race.  He's the soon-to-be grandpa though, so I guess we will let it slide.

All in all, everyone seemed to have a blast.  Thanks Emily for being such a good sport with all this crazy planning (we never once actually saw each other before this event took place)!

That's her being a goof. 

Also, thanks mom for helping out with so much too.  For helping set up and for dealing with my anal indecisive shopping trips!  You're the best.

Lastly, thanks Amanda for coming up and for being such a doll with everything.  We can't wait to meet BK!

{That's It}
This was a full post with lots of pictures (I really trimmed it down too!) but I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the special touches that we put into this shower. Hopefully they will inspire you next time you find yourself searching for ideas! Have a great week & don't forget... giveaway on Thursday!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann