Monday, November 22, 2021

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas + pediped shoe Giveaway

 Wow y'all. It's been a LONG time since I've posted here on the blog. I occasionally share new creative ideas on my Instagram page but sort of let this fade away. When I logged in, I didn't even recognize the new format.  It's wild. I must say though, I'm digging getting back into this so maybe if I can set aside the time I will start sharing again more. Any interest in that? Let me know. Maybe shorter posts with less talking- wouldn't that be nice? A blog post you can actually read without sifting through all the chatter. 😂

Aaaaand in the nature of less talking, let's get down to it.  With Thanksgiving being only a few days away, I wanted to share some last minute EASY and beautiful tablescape ideas, created by my friends over at the pediped blog AND give each of you a chance at winning a free pair of shoes just for visiting. I've also included two of my favorite Thanksgiving DIYS of my own near the bottom of this post. Win-Win-Win.

For those who aren't familiar, pediped is a children's shoe company whose motto is "the next best thing to bare feet."  My children have personally owned at least 4 pairs of their shoes and they have been fan favorites for both this mama and my kiddos. Read more about their history and mission here .

To head straight to the Thanksgiving tablescape ideas, just click this link here - BUT don't forget to come back for more kid-friendly DIYs AND your chance to enter to win a free pair of shoes. 👇


{This is my personal favorite. Wildflowers, wheatgrass and jute- now that's my kind of decorating.}

I'd love to know which is your favorite from their list. Go check out their blog post and let me know!

{Those robot shoes are the cutest things ever.}

Ready for my own favorite Thanksgiving DIYs?

(1) Felt Handprint Turkey.  If you have kids, you probably have a million paper crafts with their painted handprint on it. I know, I get it. This is different though. Because it's made of felt and put on a shirt/onesie it not only serves as a fun and festive Thanksgiving outfit BUT you can save it in the memory box and either make it into a t-shirt quilt someday or pass it on to grandkids or just pull it out of storage and remember how tiny that sweet hand once was. 😭 See my original tutorial on how to make it. It's easy and oh-so-sweet.

Find the tutorial HERE.

(2) This next DIY is a favorite amongst my children, especially once they hit around age 4-5 but it would be great all the way up to adults!  It's a felt (reusable) Thankfulness Turkey. We let the kids add 1 feather each day in November, but it could also be used at family Thanksgiving where all members the family make one feather each. Whatever way you choose to do it would be great. 

ETA: Since the original post was made we have made some changes. The first is that our feathers are half as large now. Two kids making 25(ish) days worth fills up fast, so use your judgement on size. Secondly, I have added velcro to the back of the turkey (you could also just glue it on) just be sure that you only attach it enough to the center that he doesn't pop off but that there's still enough opening to stick feathers in behind it. Doing this really helps everything stay on the "board" when a bunch of feathers start weighing it down.

Find the tutorial HERE

(3) Confetti!  For those who don't know, my 7 year old started a business last year  (when he was 6). He makes and sells his own handpunched confetti!  It's been fun watching him follow his dreams at such a young age and he's been able to give back to our community and state in so many cool ways because of it.  Another easy way to decorate for Thanksgiving is with fall confetti.  Below is an example of his confetti being used on a customer's Thanksgiving table last year, along with a sweet "Thankful for You" napkin holder.  To visit his instagram page, please click this link HERE.

Ready for that giveaway now?

Please use the rafflecopter widget below to enter. This contest is open to US and Canada residents only and will run until 12:00 AM (EST) on November 27, 2021. Must be 18 or older to enter. Winner chosen randomly by Rafflecopter. Winner has 48 hours to respond to e-mail (or social media if you offer your handle) before a new winner is chosen.

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