Sunday, March 22, 2020

Background Remover Hack!

Oh. My. Stars y'all, I have found THE COOLEST new photo hack ever!  I had to share with you guys.  No this isn't sponsored, I am just honestly really, really excited about it.  It's a background remover website that is so easy (1 click to remove, 1 click for a new background) and it's actually FREE.   Let me show you real quickly how it works:

As you can see from above- it's super easy to take a photo in a messy old playroom and suddenly turn it into a fun fancy trip to the city!  I haven't done anything to the photo except use the 2 click system from .  (scroll down for details on how to do it)

The other day my kids were playing superhero in their bedrooms (after of course DESTROYING the room). You can see all the pillows, books, clothes & even a laundry basket back there! My son got upset about his "superhero posing" (he's a perfectionist) and in an effort to cheer him up I took his photo and in less than a minute placed his image in front of a city that he is saving! I showed it to him and he got the biggest smile on his face.  Totally worth it.

I still need to sharpen these images a little bit. I just figured out that with the free portion that you are actually saving 'previews' so the resolution isn't as high. You are allowed 1 free credit (1 photo) at good resolution but you can buy full resolution copies individually or with a monthly subscription if you plan to use these for your business or something like that. Regardless, it's still worth using, especially since we are just doing it for fun! (my camera on my phone also isn't that great to start with)

Out of all of the pictures I have played around with (over a dozen easily), only 1 or 2 have needed adjustment.  Below is the superhero picture after clicking the "remove background".  I have circled spots that really shouldn't be there/part of the cape should come back.  But guess what? They have an editing spot for that if you need. That's totally free too.

Once you click the "remove background" button, you can go to "edit" and from there do anything else you need.  Choose from a variety of photo backgrounds (87 of them!) plus any solid color you could want. Or you can upload your own background. I haven't done that yet but I'm excited to try it soon. You can also see the tab where you go if you need to erase or add anything from your original photo.

That's it.  Once everything is how you want it, you can download it for free.  My only complaint is that you can't move/resize your photo inside the background. I wish sometimes that you could make a person smaller to fit within the context of the photos better.  If they ever add that, I would probably even pay to use the full resolution service!  However- I still recommend using this website for your background removing needs.  Picmonkey also has a 1-click backround removal, but it costs money in the form of a higher up subscription to even try!! (even for me, even though I already pay monthly to use picmonkey)  Uhhhh no. I'm not paying for a service and then paying more to get something I can get for free elsewhere. Nope, no way, bye.

Sorry off my rant.  Anyways, here are some others I have done just messing around... You can also keep the photo transparent or chose a white background.

Did you notice that little toy 4-wheeler is missing one wheel in the after shot? I didn't! Oops.  In the final photo I used it was cropped closer and that didn't show. Make sure to check over these things if you are using it for something important.

So what do you think?  It's easy right?  Pretty darn fun too. I'm just thrilled I was able to turn my son's frown into happy excitement in just 2 easy clicks.  Let me see the photos you've made with  Tag me in your stories on Instagram @CutCraftCreate and give me a follow please. Let's be social media friends!