Thursday, January 31, 2013

DIY Clipboard for around $1

If you love dollar bins raise your hand.  Come on, don't be shy.  I am over here right now waving both arms high in the air!  Oh, how I love dollar bins- especially Michael's and Target!  On Tuesday my mom and I went to town, had some lunch and yes, went to both Michael's and Target to check out their goodies.  I figured I would find some things I "couldn't live without" but what I found was just too perfect:  a clipboard.

My husband has really been itching for a spot to put a grocery list.  I sort of compile it all in my head... and then forget things.  Oops.  Anyways, when I saw that Target had clipboards for $1 AND that they had a little tab at the top to hang it (I wanted to put the grocery list on the fridge) I couldn't pass it up!  The designs on them were alright, but I knew that I had some cute paper at home that would match perfectly in our kitchen.  So, off I went to make this adorable clipboard for around a buck!

You only need a few materials for this project and most are things you probably have on hand already!

I found my clipboard at Target, so you might want to check out your local Target for them as well.  There were big ones and small ones (I got the small), both for $1.  I bet the Dollar Tree would also have some for a buck, or even a store like Wal-Mart.

{How to Make it}
It is really easy and really quick to make.  The first thing I did was cut my paper by tracing the shape of the clipboard onto the back of the paper.  I allowed some extra room so that the paper could wrap around to the back.  I also notched out a spot where the metal hinge is at the top of the clipboard.  This will be a lot easier to do now than after it is covered in Mod Podge.

Next, cover the front of the clipboard in Mod Podge, place your paper over the top, smooth it out and let dry.  Then, cover the top of the paper with Mod Podge to seal it up and to create a finished look.

{Isn't this paper darling?  The rain boots, the stitched messages, and the colors- wow!  So perfect for our beautiful home and our lovely red kitchen}

If you so choose, add embellishments to your clipboard such as buttons, string or... more paper!  I happened to own a paper that matched this one, so I cut a message out of it and attached it to the bottom of my clipboard:
{loves makes our house a home}

{Your Turn}
What do you think?  I love Mod Podge and being able to so easily make something exactly how I want it.  Have you ever found something really great in the dollar bin?  Did you make something out of it?  I would love to hear about them (and see them!) so please share.

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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