Saturday, March 5, 2016

Decorating Tips #6 & #7 {Collage Poster and Shelving Tips}

Oh my goodness, I am being bitten by the crafting bug BAD.  I don't know if it's the eminent spring time coming (although I do love a snowy winter!) or the fact that we've been on the nursery series since the new year or just because I'm feeling like I haven't created anything truly new in a long time but I NEED. TO. CREATE.

{Even little man wants to craft}

Whew... anyone else feeling this way?  I also set a "New Years Resolution" of sorts for myself to get caught up on my scrapbook.  I've decided to work on our wedding scrapbook later (it's fair to say I'm already behind on it.  We will be married 4 years this summer) and instead catch up on my son's scrapbook spreads before I start to forget all the sweet little details.  It does make me feel a little better than my mom is still working on pages from my childhood but not that much better because- well... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree (sorry mom!)  Needless to say, I'm feeling the crunch on that project as well.

So here is the deal.  I'm finishing up this nursery series in the next two posts (this one and the next) and starting on some new crafty crafts.  That's right, crafty crafts.  I'm excited to get back into the swing of things and get some new stuff made!  Whose with me?  I said... WHOSE WITH ME?!

Decorating Tips from our Nursery
Because I promised to share these ideas but because I'm getting crafty-anxious, I'm including several in this post.  Don't worry, they are all easy to do so you won't need a lengthy tutorial.  Enjoy!

"Magazine Style" Collage

Remember cutting out photos from your favorite magazines and putting them together in a collage?  It's the same idea but instead of snipping out pics of your favorite teen hearthrobs, cut out photos in the theme of your nursery (or whatever room you are decorating!).  This decor was a gift from my crafty sister-in-law and I love it so much!  She included different scenes from the Peter Rabbit story, plus a "Title" across the top.

This would be so easy to do with any theme- even with photos of scenery you like, places you have been or just general photos that make you happy!  Imagine one in the craft room with "crafty" images like fun scrapbook papers, plus pictures of scissors, hot glue gun, etc. or inspirational crafts!

Simple Ways to Decorate Shelves

I asked my husband to build two shelves on the wall because I felt like the space needed something there and because we needed a place to set all the random pieces of decor (such as blocks, china and display books).  With a few simple pieces, this space was used to not only house these items but to display them in the room.

We also have about 5 bins full of books- but that's a whole other story.

Add themed decor.  My mom made these wood blocks for my son and they are so pretty I wanted to display them.  What a simple way to show off the theme and nothing says "baby" like blocks!

Just behind the blocks is a Peter Rabbit china set from when I was a baby!

Tie in as many pieces as you have to create one larger theme.

{Once my son realized this *talking* Peter Rabbit doll was up there, it was no longer a decoration.  He loves to cuddle him!}

Signs take up a bigger amount of space and are perfect if you wanted something in that spot without adding another shelf.  I had my husband hang the shelves one higher than the other and then hung this sign from the higher one.  It created a more unique visual display than straight shelving and of course- it's Peter Rabbit themed!  (That's the first line from the story)  It's just painted wood with vinyl lettering.

As an easy last touch- add a simple vase with matching colored stems, flowers, etc.  We stuck with lots of green and beige/brown (Peter Rabbit color!) with accents of creme to pull in the wall color ["sugar cookie"]

If you still have some items you want to display, carry it on to tops of dressers as well!  Here we have a special book with his photo in it, his baby book, more china, etc.

Your Turn!
All it takes are a few simple steps to create a beautiful room with minimal effort (and cost!)  Starting from scratch can be difficult but hopefully you have found some helpful tips during this nursery series.  Head over to this post for last week's decorating tip.  Come back next week for our final nursery post on how to MAKE YOUR OWN changing table (with compartments!) out of an old desk!

Happy Crafting,
Kelsie Ann

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